I Am a Musafir

My home town is in Penang, Malaysia. I have lived abroad for a good part of my life albeit at different times of my life. Even when I was in Malaysia, I lived and worked in Kuala Lumpur which is about 360kms away from Penang. It has been and continues to be an interesting journey.

At 4 years old, my family and I moved to the United States from Malaysia to follow my father who was pursuing his studies. We lived in Ohio for 18 months and a further 4 years in Manhattan, New York. We returned to Malaysia and I left the country again when I was 18 for Melbourne, Australia for 2 years to complete the final two years of my basic degree. I returned to Melbourne again when I was 26 to do my masters degree and returned a year later. At 34, I left Malaysia yet again and have been living in Adelaide, Australia for the last 13 months.

I was inspired to start this blog to share my experiences as a musafir as well as encourage others to share their experiences too. It is not always easy to find information on places that every Muslim needs to know such as mosques and the nearest Halal butcher especially if you are in a non-Muslim country. My dream is for all Muslims to be able to have quick access to accurate information on locations deemed important for every Muslim. Ambitious as it is, I believe we can start by sharing our travel experiences. Stay tuned for more…

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