First Trip to Adelaide

My wife and I first visited Adelaide in September 2011. We flew in from Melbourne for a day to get a feel of the place which we would call home for at least 2 years from 2012. From the airport, we took a short bus ride to the city. One thing that strikes you about Adelaide is how pleasant the people are, our first encounter with a lady bus driver. To top that off, the bus ride was free because the ticket machine didn’t work. We got off at the end of Grenfell Street which is parallel to Rundle Mall, Adelaide’s main shopping precinct in the city. From there, we walked to the Central Market, the largest fresh produce market in the southern hemisphere. It sure looked like it. We also made it a point to do our Solah at the Adelaide City Mosque which is not too far from the Central Market. It is reputed to be Australia’s first and oldest mosque – take a look at the picture of the plaque. Really nice that they retained the minarets. It’s bright and cosy inside. I especially like the small square green tiles laid in the area where the Imam leads the prayers. During this short trip to Adelaide, I now knew where I would go for my friday prayers. I still go there now that I’m in Adelaide for the long term.

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