Why Do We Travel?

Not quite getting into “the meaning of life” but give this a thought – why do we travel? There are a myriad of reasons. Like cats, we have a need to fill our insatiable curiosity. The great explorers of the world used to do this, for good or bad intentions, to prove that the world is not flat or for world domination even.

For Muslims, intention is core to our belief – intention precedes every deed or action. Specifically, everything is done with the intent to please God first and foremost, and then, everything else but always for good.

As Muslims, we are encouraged to discover the world in search of knowledge and enjoy the wondrous beauty that we have been blessed with on earth. We represent not only the religion but also our respective cultures and countries, so travel also becomes an opportunity to share knowledge (with the people of the places we visit) as much as it is to gain knowledge. Travelling as a process, doesn’t end when we return as it is important to share our experiences with friends and family who didn’t have an opportunity to travel or plan to embark on similar travels and can benefit from information.

So the next time you travel, do so with the best of intentions and always be sure to share your experiences when you return.

Where will your travels take you today?

Where will your travels take you today?

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