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Peace Be Upon You. This blog is dedicated to the musafirs – all Muslims who travel near or far, within their home country, town or village, or from their home country to other countries, be it for work, vacation, education, greener pastures or whatever the reason may be. In one way or another, we are all musafirs, walking to the mosque down the road or performing the Haj in Mecca.

Let’s share and exchange stories on our experiences as Muslims, always moving, always on the go, no matter where we may be. By sharing our travel experiences, we will be able to learn from and help fellow Muslims to find information on locations that are specific to Muslims such as mosques and Halal food stores but also those not specific to Muslims but essential nonetheless such as malls, banks and parks.

If you have a travel experience you’d like to share on Al-Musafir, email theteam@al-musafir.com and we’ll post that for you.


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